Your Perfect 4th of July Cookout Meal Plan

Do you want your 4th of July cookout to be the best possible cookout? We’ve got your menus right here!

First, think about the meat. Chicken, ribs, beef, lamb. . . . whatever meats your family likes best will be enhanced by Craig’s BBQ Sauce. This barbecue sauce is just simply the best ever, anywhere. Brush the meats with Craig’s BBQ Sauce and they’ll be grilled to absolute perfection. Don’t count on any leftovers.

How about those side dishes? Your guests will probably pitch in, but the few sides you provide will be superior in every way because you’ll be using Texas Pepper Jelly products. (Don’t tell Grandma, but your slaw is better than hers.)

What’s a cookout without Spicy Potato Salad? Make this the day before and serve it nice and cold.

No cookout is complete without a big pan of spicy Texas-style baked beans?

Oh, and how about that cole slaw that’s better than your grandmother’s? We’ve got that delicious coleslaw right here!

Got some vegetarians in your family? Texas Pepper Jelly knows how to feed them, too!

Add these delicious Texas Pepper Jelly dishes to the food your relatives will pitch in, and you don’t just have a picnic; you’ve got an outdoor FEAST!

Oh, for dessert? Why not have some fun with it and have everybody make their own flavors with some Ice Cream in a Baggie! Everybody starts out with vanilla and ends up with pretty much whatever kind they want!

Above all, stay safe this 4th of July. Texas Pepper Jelly wishes you the very happiest and safest of holidays!

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