There are two excellent ways to beat the heat in your kitchen this summer: your crockpot and your grill.

Why turn on your oven, which turns your kitchen into a sauna, when you can use your crockpot inside? Crockpots don’t add heat to the climate of your kitchen. Crockpots don’t compete with your air conditioner or make you look for that old window fan – anything to bring a little relief from the oven-inspired heat. Crockpots make your whole house smell good.

Of course, in summer, people love to cook outside, and that’s where your grill comes into play. Whether you use gas or charcoal, cooking outdoors with your grill creates cuisine the likes of which is unrivaled anywhere! Steaks, ribs, chicken. . . any kind of meat can be grilled outdoors, and so can most of your sides and vegetables!

The Texas Pepper Jelly blog – right here where you are! – has dozens of recipes and menu ideas for your cookout and your crockpot. If you are seeking ideas for dinner tonight, look no further; you’re already here!

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