TPJ’s Habanero Pepper Jelly is the Best

Love pepper jelly, but you’ve never tried ours? Once you taste the sweet heat combination of fruits and habaneros packed into each jar, we will quickly become your jelly store.

When we learned how to make this tasty treat, we fell in love with it! And you will, too.

Our original flavor, pineapple, is still a huge customer favorite. However, we now have a full line of delicious habanero pepper jellies including strawberry, berry medley, cherry, apple and more. Making us the best place to purchase your favorite flavor of pepper jelly.

Our habanero jelly makes the perfect dipping sauce or pour over cream cheese. Add into casseroles or as a sauce for all kinds of meats … there are 1001 + more uses for Texas Pepper Jelly. Our blog and recipes reveal lots of ways to put our jelly to work!

It’s a great item to always have on hand and also makes a nice gift under $10!