Sauce is an essential part of a dish; this includes our BBQ sauce and brand-new ketchup products.


Craig’s BBQ sauce is perfect for all meats including pork, chicken, beef and ribs. Be the winner of your next backyard BBQ or competition BBQ with Craigs’ BBQ Sauce. We know it can help you achieve this status, because it is proven to be award-winning. It is a staple of the Texas Pepper Jelly Competition BBQ Team who has won many awards and championships. Make it a staple of your BBQ cache.


Craig’s Ketchup is new to our lineup. It is a great addition to a cookers sauce shelf. Ketchup is tomato based and can be used for many recipes. It is integral to foods like chili and meatloaf; however, it is also used as an enhancer to Asian, Italian and many other ethnic inspired foods. Don’t just think about burgers and fries, think about your tastebuds and thrill them with our ketchup combination of sweet and tangy (regular) or go for the heat and tangy (habanero).


** Craig’s BBQ Sauce, available by special request a 5-gallon pail for restaurants and competition teams.