The Original Rib Candy Rib Sauce / Glaze

The Original Rib Candy™ can’t be matched! It is a rib sauce that appeals to all your senses. It creates a beautiful candy-like glaze and when cooking the aroma will make your neighbors crazy-jealous! Each flavor is a perfect blend of sweet and heat for your palate. Rib Candy is very tasty and is really easy to use, just open and apply.

Our habanero sauce comes in a variety of natural flavors and heat levels (2x, regular, and all sweet rib glaze). Try one or try them all. Just be sure to make this part of your grilling/cooking arsenal! You can also mix it with your favorite BBQ sauce like lots of successful BBQ competition teams choose to do. Hint: they mix their preferred Rib Candy flavor with Craig’s BBQ Sauce since the two products complement each other.

If you are a poultry fan, consider our Bird Bath­™. It has a similar sauce/glaze consistency, as well as the perfect blend of sweet and heat. We are sure you will find a favorite.

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