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Texas Pepper Jelly is simply the richest and most flavorful habanero pepper jelly on the market today. It is award-winning and people are finding out that our jelly is not only used for the traditional breakfast but goes great with different varieties of food.

Recipes and uses range from pork to toast to using as a traditional sauce or glaze. Some customers have told us they even enjoy eating the jelly straight out of the jar! We offer a great selection of habanero jellies that are the perfect blend of heat and sweet.

In addition to our wonderful habanero pepper jelly, we have The Original Rib Candy™. It is an amazing glaze for ribs.

While this product provides an outstanding shiny finish for your favorite rib recipe don’t limit yourself there. And with over 20 Rib Candy flavors to choose from we know we have the perfect one for you. Feel free to combine any of them with …

Craig’s Seasonings

Along with our award-winning Texas Pepper Jelly and Rib Candy, we offer a full line of Craig’s Seasonings. While some of our seasoning labels are meat-specific don’t get stuck on the label name. They blend well together and taste wonderful on other meats, too.

We also offer 3 pepper seasonings that include a Jalapeño, a Three Pepper, and a Chipotle. These can all be used on meats and seafood but are excellent on vegetables as well. These award-winning flavors should be in your seasoning arsenal so that you have all the bases covered the next time you’re ready to cook. When you do get your cook on and you need a condiment turn to us for …

Craig’s BBQ Sauce and Condiments

Yes, Craig’s Ketchup is typical tomato ketchup, but Craig’s Habanero Ketchup is a Texas ketchup that can knock your socks off. Use it for all your or your kid’s favorites – tots, fries, burgers, hotdogs, onion rings, and much more.

And our award-winning Craig’s BBQ Sauce, well it is the perfect sweet and tangy sauce with a hint of habanero that will leave your taste buds wanting more. Great on everything! It’s the all-around perfect sauce you have been looking for. Get yours today!

This site for our BBQ products is retail, however, our BBQ products are available wholesale, too. Register your shop today.

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