The Hot Sauce to Replace all Hot Sauces

NEW! Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. Customers have been begging for a ghost pepper sauce. Craig obliged.

TPJ’s inaugural flavor is peach. We chose it as our first fruit flavor because we know how well peaches balance heat. (Try our Peach Habanero Pepper Jelly or Peachy Peach Rib Candy for proof).

While the fruit will help balance the heat, it doesn’t take away the heat! It is still HOT sauce. We dare you to try the heat level on this sauce. After all ghost peppers are one of the hottest on the Scoville chart.

Add flavor to your wings by coating them straight up. Or mix it up with some of Craig’s Barbecue Sauce to heat up your favorite BBQ. If you’re a hot sauce lover we suggest you use it on everything you eat!

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