3 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Dishes; Guaranteed Quick, Easy, and Tasty

Table full of Thanksgiving side dishes last-minute recipes

3 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Dishes; Guaranteed Quick, Easy, and Tasty Let the feasting commence!  It is upon us; the one time of year when filling up your plate twice is expected (as is a nap!). Creating a spread large enough to feed those who gather and leave plenty of leftovers for a few days is no […]

Our Texas Style Dessert Recipe for Peach Cobbler

Texas Pepper Jelly spicy Peach Cobbler Texas style dessert

Texas Style Dessert Spicy Peach Cobbler Want to make your next dessert the best you’ve ever made? Use our unique recipe to do just that! Not only is our peach cobbler a great southern dessert it is refreshing and full of flavor. The flavor really comes from our added secret ingredient – TPJ Peach Habanero […]

Tex-Mex Jalapeno Cornbread Recipe

Tex Mex Jalapeno Cornbread Recipe Texas Pepper Jelly

A Tasty Tex-Mex Jalapeno Cornbread Recipe The debate over where cornbread originated is still going strong. Do a quick internet search and you will find there is no real pinpoint in time where cornbread originated. Was it 7,000 years ago in Mexico? Or was it created by British colonists? We will probably never know for […]

Texas Pumpkin Seeds for Halloween!

Texas Pumpkin Seeds Roasted with Craigs All Purpose Seasoning

Tis’ the Season for Pumpkin Seeds October. The month for Halloween and pumpkins. Pumpkins are a very versatile fruit. Not only can you use the insides, but you can eat the entire thing (except for the stem)! We enjoy roasting the seeds. YUM! Can pumpkin seeds be eaten raw? While they can be eaten raw, […]

Football Sunday Food: Texas-Style Cheesy Chicken Dip! (Crockpot Style!)

Dutch oven with Cheesy Chicken dip TPJ recipe

Why Chicken Dips Are The Superbowl Secret Ingredient Your super football Sunday couch quarterbacks are going to need food, and plenty of it. Get out your crockpot, grab some bread, veggies, or chips and make some dips, easy-peasy style. Remember, you can’t have too many dips at your super football party, and that’s not even […]

Texas Thanksgiving: Baste that Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving from Texas Pepper Jelly One week – that’s all the time that’s left to plan for your Thanksgiving dinner! If your Texas Pepper Jelly order has arrived, and if it hasn’t, it will within the next few days, you’ve got the perfect turkey basting liquid. We have basted our turkeys with almost every […]

Texas Holiday Treats: Spicy Cranberry Salad

Cranberries in pot with with and spoon for cranberry salad prep

Texas Holiday Treats: Spicy Cranberry Salad Nothing says holidays like a bowl of glowing red cranberry salad, and Texas Pepper Jelly’s recipe will make the best cranberry salad you’ve ever experienced, hands-down. Put this cranberry salad on your holiday table to add to the season of cheer! Serve it in a really nice crystal bowl, […]

Texas Thanksgiving: Spicy Green Bean Casserole

Green Bean Casserole With pineapple pepper jelly in the background of red casserole dishes

Green Bean Casserole with TPJ Heat Green bean casserole is a Thanksgiving regular for many families, and most of those families use the same recipe each year, the classic Campbells Soup recipe. Here at Texas Pepper Jelly, we like green bean casserole, too, but we make it just a little differently. We add the heat! […]

Apple Cinnamon Pumpkin Pie: DELICIOUS!

slice of Apple cinnamon pumpkin pie on plate rib candy in background with pumpkin and candle

Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie Is Good, But This Recipe Is Better Oh, holy cow, y’all, this pie is so good we hardly stopped eating it long enough to tell you how to make it! We can’t WAIT to serve this recipe at Thanksgiving when all the family and guests are gathered for dinner! How to Make […]

Christmas in Texas: Spicy White Sangria Recipe!

TPJ Bird Bath with fruit and sangria red wine in glasses

Recipe For Sparkling White Wine Sangria With Bird Bath There’s nothing like a big punchbowl full of sparkling sangria to give a holiday shine to a party! We’ve posted before about adding various pepper jellies to your punch bowl to “spice up” the punch. Today, however, we are passing along a tip we received from […]