Top 10 in red with heart in zero valentines day gift ideas for texas pepper jelly

Top Ten Valentine’s Day Gifts for the BBQ Lover in Your Life

If you didn’t get the BBQ lover in your life everything they wanted for Christmas, now’s your chance to shower them with Valentine’s Day gifts, aka love and grillin’ goodies. The best part is it’s a win-win; they get the tools for cooking up some delicious dishes, and you get to enjoy chowing down on those eats. Let’s jump right into our top ten grilling gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

1. Don’t Go Bacon My Heart Blank Recipe Book

If you’re searching for some excellent BBQ gift ideas, go old-school. Here’s an inexpensive gift they may hold dear for cooks who love writing down recipes with pen and paper. 

2. Pigtail Food Flipper and Barbeque Hook Gift Set

Black handled Pigtail flipper for grilled meat
Pigtail Flipper

Are you looking for an alternative to using tongs all the time? Quickly flip chicken, pork chops, and steaks with a flip using these barbeque tools. Careful; the tips are sharp!

3. Stainless Steel Reusable Barbeque Skewers (Set of 4)

Like kabobs? Here’s a unique twist on traditional skewers that’ll make a fun Valentine’s Day gift idea. The shape of these skewers helps food slide on and off easily, while the tips prevent food from falling off. They work for meat and vegetable kabobs and shrimp. 

4. Wooden Handle Cast Iron Grill Press

Cast iron grill press with wooden handle
Cast Iron Grill Press

Whether you’re making burgers on the grill or grilled cheese sandwiches on a griddle, this cast iron grill press can be a handy tool. You can press out excess oils or fats, make grill marks, and with the wooden handle, keep your hand protected while using.

5. Magnetic, Flexible, Weather Resistant, BBQ Grill Lights

Here’s a practical Valentine’s Day gift idea; give your griller some light to cook by. Because these grill lights are magnetic and flexible, you can put some light on whatever it is you’re grilling up. 

6. Rechargeable Heating Vest

Yep, it even gets biting cold here in Texas. Freezing temps can’t keep BBQ lovers away from the grill, so instead of going numb while standing around waiting for your steak, throw on this rechargeable vest that has five heating pads and three temperature levels to keep you cozy. And, as a bonus, the vest is wind and water-resistant.

7. Grill Scraper with 17” Long Handle

This universal (works with most designs, styles, and brands) grill scraper will make clean-up easy for your BBQ enthusiast. The cleaner, made from solid brass, will outlast wooden cleaners. You can either wash it by hand or stick it in the dishwasher.

8. Magnetic Meat Smoking and Wood Temperature Guide

Is your grilling master not quite a competition-level griller? This magnetic guide can help anyone improve their grill skills. Keep it in a convenient place and always know the right temp and right taste.

BBQ Sign rules

9. Metal Grilling BBQ Rules Sign

Every BBQ griller and smoker knows there are rules to every barbeque. Hang up this sign, and all your guests will know what to expect before they sit down.

10. Texas Pepper Jelly Seasonings, Rib Candy, BBQ Sauce, Pepper Jelly, and Condiments 

You know a BBQ gift idea list is never complete without mentioning our great rib candy, bbq sauce, jellies, seasonings, and condiments. Our products add unique, delicious flavors to any dish. You and your BBQ fan won’t be disappointed this Valentine’s Day.

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