How to Use Our Ketchup More

Craig's ketchup bot habanero and reglular with a burger and fries and black tray and background

How To Use Our Ketchup More Talk about being a popular condiment! Ketchup is a staple in 97 percent of American households. Sadly, ketchup, including Craig’s Ketchup, gets left in the fridge for an unspoken amount of time and is almost always pushed aside when it comes to cooking. Can I use ketchup as a […]

TPJ’s Famous Spicy Baked Hamburgers

TPJ’s Gluten-Free Spicy Baked Hamburgers Texas Pepper Jelly is famous for many things: our products are the best, and our kitchen-tested recipes are delicious, nutritious, and easy to make. One of our most popular recipes is our Gluten-Free Spicy Baked Hamburgers. A tasty burger you can cook in the oven and be eating in less […]