Happy New Year: May 2022 Bring You Joy, Prosperity, and Plenty of BBQ

Happy New Year with images of a burger, a plate of ribs, steak and fries. and a plate of grilled chicken.

Happy New Year: May 2022 Bring You Joy, Prosperity, and Plenty of BBQ Bye, bye 2021! As we close the chapter on this year, we look forward to a fresh start in 2022. The pandemic has presented many issues (bottle shortages) and taught us many lessons, both professional and personal, over this last year. One […]

Top Christmas Gifts For Grillers and BBQ Lovers

Christmas gift in a black box with red ribbon and steak on a cutting board for grilling and bbq gift ideas

Top Christmas Gifts For Grillers and BBQ Lovers Got some grillers and BBQ lovers on your Christmas list? While it may not be grilling season in most places in the United States, it’s one of the best times to grab some grilling gifts for your loved ones, even yourself. Without further ado, here’s our top […]

Stop Using Rookie BBQ Sauce

Stop Using Rookie BBQ Sauce If you are looking for a great BBQ sauce, or a tasty BBQ sauce recipe, no need to look any further. Stop wasting time preparing a homemade BBQ sauce, instead spend that time with those who are gathered for your famous BBQ! We have the perfect time-saving flavor-packed product – […]

We Have A Beef With Everyone!

Let’s just lay it all on the table. We aren’t afraid to talk about it, and you most likely aren’t either. We certainly don’t want to hide it from anyone. We just want to let you all know that Craig’s Brisket Seasoning is on point! From the moment we blended the spices and put the […]

When Should I Add The BBQ Sauce?

TPJ Carigs BBQ sauce instructions when to add Craigs bbq sauce 10-15 minutes before end of cook

When Should I Add The BBQ Sauce? A question we get from a lot of beginner BBQ Fanatics is “when should I add the BBQ sauce?” The answer is simple, if you are using Craig’s BBQ Sauce or any store-bought sauce, we suggest adding it 10-15 minutes before the END of your cooking time. Because […]

What Is The #1 BBQ Sauce

Regular readers of this blog are already aware that the Texas Pepper Jelly products are amazing, so much so that we only have the one BBQ sauce. When you have the best, why worry about anything else, right?  We have written posts about how to incorporate the sauce into your grilling by using it alone, […]

How to Use Our Ketchup More

Craig's ketchup bot habanero and reglular with a burger and fries and black tray and background

How To Use Our Ketchup More Talk about being a popular condiment! Ketchup is a staple in 97 percent of American households. Sadly, ketchup, including Craig’s Ketchup, gets left in the fridge for an unspoken amount of time and is almost always pushed aside when it comes to cooking. Can I use ketchup as a […]

Who Doesn’t Love a Bundle?

Face it, things just go better together. Peas and carrots, cake and frosting, sugar and spice (especially in pepper jelly!), chips and dip, and of course seasoning/sauce/pepper jelly bundles! Now, why would you want a bundle of goodies from Texas Pepper Jelly? The real question should be why wouldn’t you? Bundles give you some of […]

Rib Sauce Trifecta

What does it take to be a master griller, one who not only wins but wins big, one that is on top of his or her grilling game, one who is referred to as the best? It takes commitment, time, talent and the knowhow of course, but it also takes trial and error, realizing what […]

All New Habanero Ketchup

Fries, hamburgers, eggs, sausages, sauces, glazes, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese sandwiches., the list just goes on and on. These are just a few things that people put ketchup on or dip into the rich red sauce (sometimes both, who are we kidding?). With so much versatility to the condiment it is no wonder that it […]