SuperBowl food, Craig's BBQ Sauce It’s hot outside – way to hot to fire up the grill and way too hot to turn on the stove; it’s never, however, too hot for a crockpot. Crockpots don’t add to the heat of outdoors or indoors. Crockpots keep all the heat locked up inside where it belongs: with your food.

Crockpots make your house smell wonderful. Crockpots are so incredibly easy to use. With a crockpot, even the most inexpensive cut of meat will turn out fork-tender.

You don’t have to marinate when you use a crockpot – just pour the BBQ sauce, or pepper jelly, or whatever you’re using over the meat and close the lid.

When you use a crockpot, all the vitamins are still in the food, not dispersed in the process of cooking.

The versatility of a crockpot is unbelievable. Its main use is to cook the meat, or main course, but crockpots can be used for desserts and even breads and cakes! You can make lasagna in a crockpot!

Crockpots are wonderful for soups and stews, too.

But in this horrendous summer heat, when the air is heavy with humidity and even the squirrels are panting for air, there’s just nothing like throwing your dinner in the slow too hot to cookcooker in the morning and forgetting about it until it’s dinnertime. No hot kitchen, no sweating over a grill in the heat. . . just perfectly cook, super tender meats that required very little effort on the cook’s part.

When you serve up the contents of your slow cooker to your family or guests, however, they’re going to think you spent all day bending over a hot stove or grill to get this ready.

Your air conditioner will thank you – it won’t have to work overtime to compensate for a stove’s heating up the room.

Your family will thank you – they won’t have to endure a muggy, humid, 100-degree back yard while they eat dinner tonight.

And most of all, you’ll be thankful yourself, because you’ve created yet another wonderful, nutritious, delicious dinner for your loved ones without all that much effort, and without making your cooling bills go up, and which you can all eat in comfort in a house that still smells like love.

Remember, Texas Pepper Jelly products can be used indoors, via your stove or crockpot, as well as outdoors, via your grill. Superior products, great versatility, incredible deliciousness, and with all that, good for you, too!