Skillet of Mac and Cheese with TPJ Three Pepper Seasoning

Crazy Good Macaroni and Cheese

Our Crazy Good Macaroni and Cheese is a simple taste of childhood bliss. Remember those carefree days when the world seemed simpler? When the kitchen was a magical place where warm aromas wafted through the air, and your biggest worry was whether you’d get a second helping of macaroni and cheese? Our simple Crazy Good Macaroni and Cheese takes you back to those cherished moments. However, we’ve taken it to a new level…the only way we know how and that is the Texas Pepper Jelly way!


  • 2 cups of uncooked macaroni
  • 1 cup of your favorite cheese dip in a jar
  • 1 teaspoon Texas Pepper Jelly Three Pepper Seasoning
  • ¼ cup Panko bread crumbs
  • Chopped parsley for garnish


Cook the Pasta: As the macaroni simmers on the stove, memories bubble up—the sound of laughter, the clatter of forks, and the anticipation of gooey goodness. It’s like a warm hug from Grandma, who knew that mac and cheese could mend scraped knees and bruised egos.

Add the Cheesy Flavor: Your favorite cheese dip in a jar swirls into the pasta, creating a creamy embrace. It’s the taste of afternoons spent playing tag in the backyard, cheeks flushed and hearts full. While this dish is simple, childhood wasn’t just about simplicity; it was about unexpected twists and delightful surprises, which is where the next ingredient comes in.

Season to Perfection: That single teaspoon of our Three Pepper Seasoning is all you need! Sprinkle it like stardust. It’s like a secret handshake between generations, passed down from kitchen to kitchen. The sweet, savory, and spicy dance on our tongues, and suddenly, you’ll understand why your parents always enjoyed pepper on their food. Our Three Pepper adds an adult twist with better flavor and kick!

Place the cheese and pasta into a greased cast iron skillet. Sprinkle with the Panko bread crumbs. Broil for about 5-10 min just until the cheese gets slightly bubbly on the top and the bread crumbs have browned nicely.

Remove from the oven, sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Best way to Serve Mac and Cheese

Serve Hot: The steam rises, carrying with it memories of family gatherings, birthdays, and lazy Sunday afternoons. As you scoop up forkfuls of our Crazy Good Macaroni and Cheese, and time will fold in on itself. The kitchen clock ticks slower, and for a moment, we’re both child and adult, savoring the past and the present.

If you want you can always customize your dish:
For Kids: Stick with regular macaroni—the kind that sticks to your fork and your heart. It’s the taste of innocence, of scraped knees healing over shared meals.

For Company: Fancy pasta, like farfalle or rotini, dresses up the dish. It’s nostalgia with a twist—a grown-up version of comfort. Imagine serving it at a dinner party, the room filled with laughter and stories.

Where can I find a good jar of cheese dip?

We’ve done the work for you. Here is a link to Taste of Home’s blog post about the Best Queso Dip you Can Buy.

We prefer the Tostitos brand for this recipe, but some of the others on Taste of Home’s post sound pretty tasty.

So go ahead, create your own memory. Gather loved ones around the table, share stories, and let Crazy Good Macaroni and Cheese be the thread that weaves past and present. Because sometimes, the simplest recipes carry the weight of a thousand memories.

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