Armadillo Eggs? Yes, Please!

Any time you get a hankering for the perfect combination of spice, meat, and cheese, look no further than Texas-style armadillo eggs. I know. If you’re not from the lone star state, you’re wondering what the heck are armadillo eggs? Not what you think (FYI, armadillos don’t lay eggs). Rumor has it this popper, meatball […]

Everyone Needs a Go-To Seasoning; All-Purpose Seasoning

Five tastes — sweet, salty, sour, umami (meaty, savory), and bitter. Combine any of these with your sense of smell and you get flavor. Craig’s seasoning lineup combines all ingredients your senses need to enjoy the great flavors you deserve. Whether it’s barbeque or just a good homestyle meal, we have your go-to seasoning. From […]

Who Doesn’t Love a Bundle?

Face it, things just go better together. Peas and carrots, cake and frosting, sugar and spice (especially in pepper jelly!), chips and dip, and of course seasoning/sauce/pepper jelly bundles! Now, why would you want a bundle of goodies from Texas Pepper Jelly? The real question should be why wouldn’t you? Bundles give you some of […]

Rib Sauce Trifecta

What does it take to be a master griller, one who not only wins but wins big, one that is on top of his or her grilling game, one who is referred to as the best? It takes commitment, time, talent and the knowhow of course, but it also takes trial and error, realizing what […]

Brisket Seasoning

We have probably all heard of brisket at some point in our lives. Maybe we were lucky enough to have a family member who slaved over it for delicious meals when we were kids or knew someone who’s grandma’s brisket was the best in the neighborhood. Some of us may ‘kinda, sorta’ have an idea […]