Monte Cristo Sandwich: How To Enjoy This Classic Without All the Hassle

Have you ever experienced a Monte Cristo sandwich? We say “experienced” because an authentic Monte Cristo is more than your average sandwich; it’s a production. How did this classic come to be? The history behind the Monte Cristo sandwich is equally as complicated as making the sandwich itself. Depending on who you ask or what […]

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream; Texas Pepper Jelly Style

We, here at Texas Pepper Jelly, thought we’d share three different TPJ frozen treats in celebration of National Ice Cream Month. Yep, we know you use our products for a world of savory dishes, but we’re changing it up and going with sweet recipes this time. The combination of our spicy Texas Pepper Jelly and […]

We Have A Beef With Everyone!

Let’s just lay it all on the table. We aren’t afraid to talk about it, and you most likely aren’t either. We certainly don’t want to hide it from anyone. We just want to let you all know that Craig’s Brisket Seasoning is on point! From the moment we blended the spices and put the […]

It’s Not Your Store Bought Pineapple Pepper Jelly

Did you know our best selling Pepper Jelly is pineapple?   We’ve been producing our pineapple pepper jelly for several years and when it came out in 2006 we won a Scovie Award and we’ve been rocking it ever since. Our pepper jellies are exclusively made with habanero peppers.  They are a hotter pepper than jalapeno, […]

Pepper Jelly Isn’t Just for Breakfast

Ah, the pepper jelly; bit spicy, bit sweet but all yummy.  Sure, you can put it on your bagels, your English muffins, your Texas toast, but what else can you use it for? Pepper jelly isn’t just for breakfast you see, as you can use it in a wide variety of ways. Many of us […]

Who Doesn’t Love a Bundle?

Face it, things just go better together. Peas and carrots, cake and frosting, sugar and spice (especially in pepper jelly!), chips and dip, and of course seasoning/sauce/pepper jelly bundles! Now, why would you want a bundle of goodies from Texas Pepper Jelly? The real question should be why wouldn’t you? Bundles give you some of […]

Experience BBQ with a Tropical Twist

You can pick up pineapple at any time from your local grocery store. Fresh, juiced, diced, sliced, dried, and even rings in a can. However, you can’t always get the fruit’s sweet tang like you can right now because it’s pineapple season! Traditionally, when a fruit is in-season, it is at its peak of freshness […]

It’s Football Season! That Means Football FOOD!

I t’s time to start thinking about the food for your enthusiastic crew and getting your ingredients together. Football season is about more than the game, remember. It’s also about the FOOD, and we all know that football fans like their football food as much as they like their football teams, so let’s plan for […]

Texas Style Fried Green Tomatoes

I love to make fried green tomatoes for my mom; it’s one of her favorite dishes. I used to make them regular southern-style, but now I make them Texas style. It’s easy, and so good. Mom doesn’t want them any other way now. Ingredients: One large green tomato, the kind grown to fry, not just […]

Hurricane Harvey Has Affected Us

Customers, Hurricane Harvey has affected us in the area of shipping. Please continue to place your orders with us and we will get them sent out to you absolutely as soon as possible. Thank you for your loyalty and patience! Here is a letter from our CEO, Craig Sharry: TPJ Customers: We are able to […]