Another big summer cookout holiday is just around the corner – Independence Day or 4th of July! Many people invite friends and/or family over to cookout and eat in the backyard or on the deck, and it’s time to be laying in supplies for this big outdoor meal!

First of all, be thinking about the meat. What do your guests like? Get several kids – ground beef, hot dogs, some pork, some chicken, some ribs, even some lamb or wild meat such as venison or rabbit. Order it in advance to make sure you get exactly what you want, especially if you’ve got picky guests.

To make sure your grilled meats are the tastiest possible, be sure to order your marinades, rubs, and sauces now. Texas Pepper Jelly has a wide selection of the best in the world. Our delivery is fast, too, but be sure to give us enough time to get your order ready and ship it off. Remember, we don’t make your products until we get your order! That we, we know, and you know, that your order will contain the freshest possible ingredients! Order within the next few days to guarantee July 3rd arrival.

Think about your sides. Better still, ask each guest to bring a side or a salad; after all, you’re providing the main dish! Pitch-ins are fun!

With good grilled meat, you don’t even need a dessert, but we know you’ll want one. Have you ever had yellow cake iced with pepper jelly? Try it for your cookout – it’s absolutely delicious!

The holiday cookouts are important occasions, not just because of the holiday, but because they are times when friends and family come together to celebrate something important, be it a child’s birthday or our country’s birthday.

Stay safe. Don’t let the small children near the grill. Be sure you’ve got the hose or a bucket of water handy, just in case.

And make sure you’ve got enough Texas Pepper Jelly products to make it through the day. People are going to want to use a lot, remember. Order today!

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