Father's Day Cookout, Texas Pepper Jelly Now that Father’s Day is winding to a close, and your holiday cookout is a memory (a wonderful memory, we hope!) it’s time to think about cookouts yet to be, for summer 2014.

In order to do that, we need to think about supplies.

First of all, do you have enough Craig’s BBQ Sauce on hand? Of course you don’t. Nobody could EVER have enough Craig’s BBQ Sauce; entire jars are used and devoured in one family cookout. Order more Craig’s BBQ Sauce at once!

Now check your pantry again – do you have enough Texas Pepper Jelly for another cookout? Probably not. Get busy and order more pepper jellies – mix those flavors up!

How are you doing on Rib Candy? You’ve just had a big Father’s Day cookout, so you can’t have much left. Order some more Rib Candy while you’re at it! Get a multi-pack; there’s no such thing as too much Rib Candy.

Texas Pepper Jelly can even guide you to the best meats available – just click right here for Snake River Farms! Better meat than you can get anywhere else!

Is there anything else you think you’ll need for your next cookout? I mean, besides some good, sturdy, razor-sharp knives?

Keep watch of our blog to get ideas for side dishes and desserts for your cookout. Anything you could ever want or need for that backyard barbecue, you’ll find right here at Texas Pepper Jelly!

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