We’re assuming something, but we think it’s true – if ever there was ever an “official” day to grill out, it would be Father’s Day, wouldn’t it! Fourth of July comes in a close second, but we’ll get to THAT holiday in a minute.

The forecast here for Sunday, June 15, is partly cloudy; in other words, the weatherman doesn’t know if it’s going to rain or not. Rain or shine, however, Father’s Day is always the perfect time for a cookout. This is the weekend when families all over the nation will be outdoors, watching Dad (or someone!) grill, and devouring the results. Whether your dad’s specialty is simply burgers and dogs, or whether your dad ventures into the area of ribs, briskets, chicken and other delicious meats, there’s something about food cooked on a grill, outdoors, that makes us drool just to think about it. Texas Pepper Jelly understands this about people, and we’ve got something for everybody!

Fact: People have bigger appetites when they eat outdoors, and foods cooked on an outdoor grill have a fragrance that nothing else can compete with. If you don’t believe it, just think for a minute and remember how the very air smells when your neighbors are grilling out, and how “other people’s meals” can inspire you to fire up your own grill.

This Father’s Day, we here at Texas Pepper Jelly hope you and your family have a wonderful, safe, yummy day, with all the people you love best. If you are fortunate enough to still have your father, and if you are even MORE fortunate to have a father who loves to cook outdoors, we hope you will count your blessings, and perhaps even share him with friends who have lost their fathers.

As for all of you fathers out there, who plan to grill out this weekend, well, all we can say is, GOOD MOVE! And we know your families appreciate it, too.

Remember: no cookout is complete without some delicious Texas Pepper Jelly products! That generic stuff from the grocery store just ain’t gonna cut it, in comparison.

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