American flag, Texas Pepper Jelly June is here, and Independence Day is only a month away! Time to be thinking about what you’ll be doing on the Glorious Fourth, so get your Texas Pepper Jelly products ordered soon!

Nothing says American Celebration like an outdoor barbecue, so be sure to order plenty of Craig’s BBQ Sauce, as well as an assortment of pepper jellies and rib candy! You can never have too much Texas Pepper Jelly!

Since cookouts are as American as apple pie, let’s talk a moment about how to display the flag. Yes, believe it or not, there are rules regarding the display of our country’s flat! People often display the flat at a Fourth of July cookout, so let’s be sure we’re doing it properly.

1. The American flag should never be used as wearing apparel (including costumes or athletic wear, unless it’s a small flag patch or pin), or any kind of decoration. If you want to trim your picnic table patriotically, use red, white, and blue bunting, not an actual flag.

2. Don’t drape the American flag over the hood, top, sides, or back of any kind of vehicle.

3. When displaying or lowering a flag, no part of it should touch the ground. There are also specific ways the flag is to be folded.

4. If your flag becomes soiled or torn, clean or mend it immediately. If the flag cannot be properly cleaned or mended, burn it.

5. Don’t display the flag in bad weather.

6. If you like to display both the American flag and your state flag, the national flag is always on top. The flag of the United States is always the first flag raised and the last flag to be lowered.

7. There are only a few locations where the American flag may be flown 24 hours a day, and your back yard is not one of them. Raise your flag in the morning and lower and fold it at sundown.

There are, of course, many more rules regarding the display and handling of the United States flag, but these rules apply to us, personally. While we celebrate our country’s birthday, we would do well to honor it by displaying its flag according to protocol.

Remember, we are Texas Pepper Jelly, and Texans are patriotic!

Now, how about high-tailing it over to the product pages and order your grilling supplies! Texas Pepper Jelly products can’t be beat!

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