We had guests for dinner tonight, and they ate all my Texas Pepper Jelly!

Oh, well, it was time to order some more anyway.

Six guests devoured six 1.5 ounce jars of assorted pepper jelly flavors.  Most of them just dipped the knife in the jar and spread it directly on crackers or slices of cheese, but some of them spread cream cheese on their cracker first and then spread some pepper jelly.  There were no rules; it was every man for himself with the Texas Pepper Jelly.

Five minutes after I snapped this picture, every cracker in the plate was gone, and there was not a drop of pepper jelly left.

This, after turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, and homemade yeast rolls.  Oh, and pecan pie.  We do holiday company dinners up right in southern Indiana.

Some people spread pepper jelly on the yeast rolls, by the way.  It was delicious.

Now, I’m off the the Texas Pepper Jelly page to order some more pepper jelly.  It doesn’t last very long in my house.