. . . but hurry, because these are limited-time products!

Texas Pepper Jelly has several new products, available for a VERY limited time only, that you simply MUST try!

Our newest products are Chardonnay Habanero, White Zinfandel Habanero, and
Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Habanero. These three distinct full-bodied wines with three different flavors have been blended with just the right amount of Habanero peppers, and the result is fantastic.

These new Texas Pepper Jelly wine-and-habanero blends are excellent in almost any recipe. Spread some on toast in the morning. Use some as a dressing for your lunchtime salad. Make a fresh fruit salad for dinner dessert and offer your family or guests some wine and habanero pepper jelly to mix with it.

All of our flavors make wonderful gifts, but our newest line of wine and habanero pepper jellies is a wonderful, flavorful, CLASSY gift!

Why not order some Chardonnay Habanero, White Zinfandel Habanero or
Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Habanero. Better still, why not order all three? Order a batch for yourself as well; it’ll be hard to give these away unless you’ve got some stashed for yourself!

This is a limited-time special product, so order fast.

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