pepper jelly, feast, fridays, spicy goodness Oh my gosh, these grilled potato wedges are SO GOOD! They’re easy, too, especially if you’ve already fired up the grill for the meat.

Put a sheet of foil on part of your grill, as potatoes tend to fall through, and you won’t want to waste a single wedge.

Wash and slice (don’t peel!) several large potatoes of any kind – I’ve used red, white, and even blue potatoes, although the blue ones weren’t as popular with my kids. (It was a Fourth of July whimsy, but you never know until you try, right?)

Brush the potato wedges with various kinds of Texas Pepper Jelly and roast until tender. Times will vary, because grills vary, so turn the wedges a time or two and keep checking for tenderness.

Texas Pepper Jelly’s Spicy Grilled Taters are the perfect side dish for any cookout, whether you’re grilling chicken, ribs, steaks, or whatever!

Spicy Grilled Taters are also good when brushed with Rib Candy.

When we’re ready to eat, I put the bottles of pepper jelly and Rib Candy on the picnic table and everybody pours some in their plates to dip both the potatoes and the meat. I do not use salt when I cook, but with Texas Pepper Jelly products, we really don’t miss it.

My kids stir Rib Candy into sour cream for dipping purposes. It’s great!

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