Texas Pepper Jelly, Pineapple Sweet Fire Pickles My husband’s favorite sandwich is a Strom, loaded with half a salad bar, plus tomato sauce. He used to like a local restaurant’s Strom best, but those days are over.

Now, he likes the Stroms I make for him at home. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, I use fresh ingredients. The sausage, cheeses, vegetables, etc, are all market fresh.

Secondly, I use Texas Pepper Jelly’s Rib Candy instead of tomato or spaghetti sauce.

Now, a person can’t eat a Strom without bread-and-butter pickles, and my husbandTexas Pineapple Sweet Fire pickles and sandwich used to like the regular ones that he got at the restaurants.

He doesn’t like those much any more, because he’s used to eating Texas Pepper Jelly’s Pineapple Sweet Fire bread-and-butter pickles with his stroms. I know why, too.

Pineapple Sweet Fire Pickles are just simply the most delicious pickles any of us have ever experienced, and we’re BIG pickle-lovers here.

Try them yourself. Texas Pepper Jelly’s Pineapple Sweet Fire pickles are the most awesome bread-and-butter pickles you’ll ever experience. No exaggeration, either.

I eat them straight out of the jar, but my husband prefers them with a sandwich, and preferably the sandwich will be a Strom. Stroms are, technically, an Italian sandwich, but they’re still way better with Rib Candy and Pineapple Sweet Fire than the usual way.


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