When you cook with Texas Pepper Jelly, everything becomes so EASY!

This time of year, people begin to have more parties than ever, and when there is a party, there simply must be food!

One of the easiest appetizer of all is shrimp-n-dip; this is not only simple as can be: it looks fantastic on your table and your guests will absolutely LOVE IT!

Just steam or boil some shrimp (BE SURE YOU DE-VEIN THEM FIRST!  You know what that brown streak IS, right?  Pull that thing OUT!) and arrange the cooked shrimp on a plate with a container for the dip in the middle.  If your shrimps are large enough, hang them around the sides of the dipping bowl.  If the food is going to be sitting out on the table for a long time, arrange the shrimp on crushed ice.

The dip?  That’s the easiest part of all!  Open a jar of Texas Pepper Jelly (any flavor; they ALL work for this!) and pour it into the dipping bowl.  People will pick up a shrimp, dip it into the Texas Pepper Jelly, and then proceed to tell everybody in the room to do likewise because they’ve never tasted anything so good in all their lives.

Repeat this procedure at your next party.  And the next. 

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