All he needs is a couple of antennae, or eyeballs if you want to take a short cut, and he’ll be complete!  (Stick those on the snails AFTER baking.)

To make your Halloween Snails, just use any yeast bread or roll recipe OR do the quick fix and buy some bread dough in the dairy case.  Roll it out and cover it with any kind of Texas Pepper Jelly you want.  Vary the flavors with the different batches of snails rolls, even.  My daughter likes to sprinkle cinnamon on the pepper jelly before she rolls it up.

Put some food coloring in the bread dough for an even great Halloween experience.  After all, if regular whitish snail-rolls are good, green or red or yellow snail-rolls must be even better, right?

After you spread the rolled-out dough with pepper jelly and whatever else you like, roll it up and cut it into rounds of about half the size you want your snails to be.  (Yeast dough increases in bulk, you know.)

Bake at 375 degrees for about twenty minutes.  It’s always a good idea to check after ten minutes, and gauge your timing thusly.

Tell your kids and their friends that the snails are done, and they should “come and get it!” before they crawl away.

Have some more pepper jelly in bowls for dipping purposes.  Snails should be slimy, you know.

When it’s not Halloween, just tuck the snails’ heads into the roll before you bake them, and you’ll have a normal-looking appetizer, or breakfast, or snack, or whatever.  Pepper Jelly rolls are actually very good for you, and pepper jelly rolls are MUCH better for your kids than sugary rolls.

Eat.  Enjoy.  Pepper Jelly is awesome.

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