There’s only one more week left in October, and with November comes the beginning of the holiday season!

This means that it’s time to start thinking SERIOUSLY about gifts.  This year, why not give everybody on your list something different, something they will really like, and something they will actually USE!

When you give your family and friends something from the Texas Pepper Jelly gift page, you’ll fulfill all three of those requirements!

I’ve blogged right here before about how genuinely awesome the Texas Pepper Jelly gift-packs are; I guess you could say that our hot peppers are really COOL.  The picture is of the Texas Tin Sampler Pack, and it’s only $22.97.  I’m going to order a couple of these for my brother.

Many of you signed up for the Texas Pepper Jelly newsletter, which scored you a free sample of our product, as well.  Thanks to all who did that!  You’ll be getting your samples soon; we have to make them first!  Yes, everything we sell is THAT FRESH!

Remember, we give stuff away all the time.  Check our blog daily to find out when!