This being United Nations Day (October 24) I thought it would be good to post another recipe, this time from a United Nations country.


Many Americans shy away from ethnic recipes, and I’m not sure why! With the addition or subtraction of a spice here, or an herb there, most cultures’ foods are pretty much the same.


Today, you’re going to learn how to make breakfast, Dominican Republic style! It’s easy as can be, and so yummy good, your family will want you to make this again and again!


You will need the following ingredients, and your finished product will feed four people with moderate appetites:


6 large eggs

¾ (or so) cups of diced ham (or bacon, or ¾ cup of cooked sausage, or sausage links, or pulled pork, or shredded beef)

1 diced tomato (or one small can of diced tomatos)

1 diced green pepper

1 diced onion

1 tsp. vinegar, any kind

2 tsp. vegetable oil

2 tbs. milk (any kind)

½ cup pepper jelly, any kind (experiment and find your favorite for this dish; they’re ALL good!)

Salt to taste, if you feel you must have salt


Heat the oil in a large frying pan. Add everything except the eggs, milk, and the pepper jelly.

Sautee until the green peppers and onions are tender.

Drain thoroughly.

Add pepper jelly and mix thoroughly.

Set aside to “set.”

In the same frying pan (no need to rinse it out) put all six eggs, add a little milk, and scramble.

Put pepper jelly mixture, and the scrambled eggs, in separate bowls, and set them on your breakfast table.


Each plate should contain a serving of scrambled eggs, covered with the pepper jelly mixture.


Add some toast (the pepper jelly is good on toast, too!) and you’ve got a breakfast fit for a king.





Thank you, Dominican Republic, for sharing this fabulous breakfast recipe with us!

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