Sometimes, the best recipes are those we sort of “fall into” accidentally, or by trial and error.

Last night, for example, we had chicken stir-fry and rice, and just to see how it would go, I dumped half a jar of Peach Habanero Pepper Jelly into the skillet with the chicken and vegetables.

The first thing we noticed was the aroma – the kitchen smelled so good, my husband came up from the family room downstairs and asked me what I was cooking that smelled so wonderful!  I told him I poured Peach Habanero Pepper Jelly into his stir-fry and he said, and I quote, “I can tell already that it’s going to be awesome.”

And it was.

I make stir-fry with leftovers most of the time, and last night, we had leftover corn, peas, broccoli, and about three tablespoons of boiled potatoes.  I added some chopped onion, a can of mushrooms, and some water chestnuts, and sauteed it all in just a tiny little bit of olive oil before adding the thin strips of cooked chicken.

After it was all hot – it was all left over and already cooked, remember – I added the Peach Habanero Pepper Jelly.  I stirred it around until it simmered, and called Tim to dinner.

We poured the stir-fry over brown rice and feasted.  It was so good, there was NONE WHATSOEVER left over.

Peach Habanero Pepper Jelly, from Texas Pepper Jelly.  That meal was last night, but as I sit here typing, it’s all I can think about.

No soy sauce, no duck sauce, none of the usual Chinese flavoring I usually put into stir fry – just a pan full of sauteed leftovers and half a jar of Peach Habanero pepper jelly.  Super quick and super delicious.

Start saving your leftover vegetables today!!!!

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