My newest Texas Pepper Jelly order was delivered the other day, so of course we’ve been feasting on it all weekend.  Our favorite Pineapple Habanero?  One jar is already gone, and a second jar will be before the night is over.  The Berry Blend is in the crockpot with the pork, and the Peach Habanero is awaiting the arrival of our daughter, who will no doubt devour the whole big jar in one sitting.  The Texas Habanero Salsa will disappear the moment our son sees it; he likes to eat it right out of the jar, using those big Tostitos White Corn Tortilla Chips instead of spoons.

My entire family has been crazy about Texas Pepper Jelly products since the first day we heard of them.  I’d read for years that people who eat a lot of hot peppers don’t get ill as much as people who don’t, and I was always skeptical of such stats.  I will have to admit, though, that since the first day we discovered Texas Pepper Jelly products, nobody in my family has been sick a single day.

Maybe there’s something to it, after all!

Whether there is, or not, we are avid Texas Pepper Jelly fans, and there’s no turning back now!

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