Chili is such a versatile food; it’s always welcome on cold nights, and it’s an excellent way to use up some leftovers because there really isn’t much you CAN’T put in a pot of chili, as long as the seasoning is right.

We had chili for supper tonight, and when I make chili, I make it in a huge pot because I haven’t learned how to cook without taking into account the children’s appetites yet.  The children are grown up and living on their own, but my pots of chili are still huge.  That’s okay, though, really, because chili is one of those foods that improves with re-heating.

There wasn’t as much chili left after tonight’s supper, though.  That’s because it was the best-tasting chili that’s ever been in my house.  What made it so extra-yummy?  The jar of Texas Gourmet Habanero Salsa I dumped into the pot, that’s what.

That jar of Texas Gourmet Habanero Salsa made such a positive difference, it was unbelievable!  I mean, my chili was always pretty good, but tonight it was DELICIOUS.

Try adding a jar of Habanero Salsa to your pot of chili.  I’m serious; that chili was so good, my husband didn’t even WANT his usual grilled cheese sandwich accompaniment-to-chili; he just wanted more chili.

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