If you like to grill your meats, you probably want YOUR ribs, burgers, chicken, etc. to be the best anybody has ever eaten in their entire LIVES!  That’s a pretty tall order, because an awful lot of people can put some awfully good BBQ on our plates.

However, if you use Texas BBQ rubs, yours will be the best, and people will marvel, and there will be NO WAY you can ever grill enough to satisfy everyone; someone will always wish there were more.

Our Texas BBQ rubs will make everybody’s taste buds applaud, and bet for an encore!

We’ve got three kinds of BBQ rubs:  our Original, which goes on EVERYTHING; our Brisket Blend, which makes my mouth water just thinking about it; and our newest rub, our Texas Wild, which is so good, it defies description in words only. You’ve just got to taste it to understand.

Can’t make up your mind which Texas Rub you want?  Why not just order our Texas Trio?  You’ll get one of each kind!

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