The Texas Pepper Jelly website has so many different products on it, and every one of them is fantastic!

For example, the Messermeister Cutlery page has some of the finest knives you’ll ever find, anywhere.

Those readers who linked to us during our most recent Blog Contest have probably received their knives by now.  It would be lovely if those lucky recipients would comment and let us know how they like their knives!

While it’s on my mind:  If you signed up for our free eCookbook, and haven’t received it yet, please let us know in the comments.  We do NOT want to leave any one out, and if we did, it was an accident.  That eCookbook is wonderful; I use mine all the time.

I own a few Messermeister knives, and they are my very favorite knives in the whole drawer.  Sharp, and easy to hold and use, my Messermeister knives from Texas Pepper Jelly make my “kitchen cutting” so much easier.  I do love a razor-sharp knive, and Messermeister knives certainly fulfill that requirement!

In fact, I have been completely satisfied, and MORE, with every product I’ve ever sampled or ordered from the Texas Pepper Jelly website.  Not only are the products superior in every way, the customer service is also superior.  The shipping is reasonable and VERY fast.

To put it bluntly:  Texas Pepper Jelly is a fantastic company, with excellent products and equally excellent customer service.  Period.  I have nothing but praise for it.

Our readers who love a good Blog Contest:  We love them, too.  Keep reading our blog, because it won’t be long before we announce still another one.

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