Regular readers of this blog are already aware that the Texas Pepper Jelly products are amazing, so much so that we only have the one BBQ sauce. When you have the best, why worry about anything else, right?  We have written posts about how to incorporate the sauce into your grilling by using it alone, or in tandem with the rib candy or bird bath products or with the many different seasoning options available; but today we’re going one step further with other uses for the ‘sweet with a kick’ stuff we all know and love.

First off, pulled meat. Yes, you can make pulled pork or pulled chicken and yes you can serve it on tortillas or buns (or mix with rice because it is so darn good that way), but whatever you choose, you can cook it in BBQ sauce. Smokey, flavorful and full of zing. Perfect every time.

By now I think we have all heard (if not tasted) the creation known as Mayochup. Not to be outdone, there is now Mayomust and Mayocue as well. Mayocue can easily be made with your own BBQ sauce and mayo; throw in some of our seasoning and you have yourself a new condiment.  Add it to things that you would ordinarily add mayo to, and you have a kicky new taste sensation. Try it on burgers, hot dogs, or as a dipping sauce– the possibilities are endless!

Looking to update your nachos? Look no further than BBQ sauce. If you use pulled meat cooked in the stuff, grated cheese, and peppers over the chips you can then drizzle more BBQ sauce over the whole dish. Same idea with BBQ pizza. Simply swap out the regular tomato sauce you’d usually use for the sweet and spice of BBQ sauce and voila, a new taste sensation is born!

Like other condiments, BBQ sauce can be used in a variety of dips. Mix it with sour cream or Greek yogurt and you have a spicy dip for veggies, spring rolls, mozzarella sticks and much much more. Getting a bit more creative and you can add it to cocktail sauce and just kick the taste up a notch or two, your shrimp won’t know what hit them!

A lot of us like slow cooker baked beans as a side for their favourite BBQ. Again, you can add BBQ sauce to them to give them some added spice, and the same can be done for potato or macaroni salads too. You can even make your own salad dressing by mixing BBQ sauce with lemon juice and olive oil to make a vinaigrette or add it to a ranch dressing to spice up the flavour.

As we know, BBQ sauce is a great addition to things that you would usually use ketchup for, it is just the right blend of sweet and spicy and, well, it just makes ordinary things taste extraordinary. What will you use BBQ sauce for next?


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