When should you sauce with Craig's bbq sauce 10-15 min before end of cook image of timers and 21 oz bottle of sauce

When Should I Add The BBQ Sauce?

A question we get from a lot of beginner BBQ Fanatics is “when should I add the BBQ sauce?” The answer is simple, if you are using Craig’s BBQ Sauce or any store-bought sauce, we suggest adding it 10-15 minutes before the END of your cooking time. Because of the sugar in the sauce, you don’t want to add it too early.

Like most BBQ sauces, ours is already cooked, so it just needs time to warm up and to meld with Craig’s seasonings you added prior to putting your food on the grill.  The 10-15 minutes is just enough time to allow our sauce to heat through, but not get scorched, burned, or crystallized.

The 10-15 minute window is based on our cooking methods. If you cook at a lower temp than we do, you’ll need to go the longer recommended time of 15 minutes. If you cook on a screaming hot grill, the shorter time would be a better option. Be sure to keep an eye on it, because burnt sauce is generally bitter sauce.

Individual bottle of Craig's BBQ Sauce on a white backgroundNutritional Facts for Craig's BBQ Sauce

Another method is to warm Craig’s BBQsauce up in a medium saucepan on medium to medium-low. Stirring constantly. You don’t want it to boil as that will cause the sugars to burn as well. If you see the sauce starting to simmer, reduce the heat or turn it off altogether.

The warming method allows you to use our BBQ sauce as a dipping sauce or an instant glaze (no need to place it on the grill).

However, if you choose to use Craig’s BBQ sauce, remember you can purchase a bottle of it right here.

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