Did you know our best selling Pepper Jelly is pineapple?   We’ve been producing our pineapple pepper jelly for several years and when it came out in 2006 we won a Scovie Award and we’ve been rocking it ever since.

Our pepper jellies are exclusively made with habanero peppers.  They are a hotter pepper than jalapeno, but offer a fruity heat which blends perfectly with a fruit flavored jelly.  Our habanero pepper jellies are balanced with the right amount of heat with the sweet so as not to over power your palette.  We ensure it doesn’t have too much heat so that you only taste heat!

Pineapple habanero pepper jelly is likely so popular as it’s flexibility to taste great with a variety of meats.  It’s great with chicken, turkey, meatballs and of course any cut of pork.  It’s also great for sweet and sour sauces that adds a bit of heat. It’s also a great additive to pies, fillings, dessert sauces and list can go on. Or try it on it’s own as an  ice cream topper or directly on sandwiches.  Any recipe that calls for pineapples, canned or juice, you can substitute this wonderful jam to add a bit of heat and enhance the flavor of our dish.

It’s Not Your Store Bought Jelly

We value the quality of our jelly and we ensure only quality ingredients are used and it contains no additives, preservatives or imitation flavors.  Pineapples, sugar, habanero peppers, vinegar and pectin are all that is used when creating this wonderful treat.  If you have only tried the store bought jellies we would love for you to try ours and see why it has been a successful seller for 2 decades.   We offer a range of great flavors if pineapple isn’t your thing.  Buy a single bottle or our 4 pack for added savings!


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