What is Rib Sauce?

That answer will vary from state to state and even differently within a state like Texas.  To some its a thick tomato based sauce and others it has no tomato sauce in the recipe at all.  To some it’s more sour (vinegar based) or it’s more a sweet sauce (like honey or brown sugar).   Rib sauces can be added at different stages of the cook.  Tomato based rib sauces are more like a BBQ sauce and added during the cook, but more sweet based rib sauces are ended at the end of the cook, as the sugar can burn during cooking which can leave a bitter / burnt taste.


Advantages to a Sweet Rib Sauce

A sweet rib sauce when combined with a BBQ sauce gives you the best of both worlds.  You get the rich tomato sauce based flavor but then also added a sweet element at the end.  Sweet sauces don’t just have to be honey or brown sugar flavored either.  They can also add some heat from peppers, so it’s not just all sweet.  Rib Candy is a prime example of rib sauces that can be both sweet or sweet with heat, that come in a range of flavors such as apple, apple cherry, pineapple, peach and so many more!  It’s also important that any flavors added with the rib sauce aren’t extracts or imitation flavors! The heat from the peppers only enhance the ‘fake’ flavor in your ribs and can be off putting.  You need to be sure that pure fruits are used in your rib sauce.

The right sweet rib sauce will marry well with your BBQ sauce and any rib seasoning you add, as well adding complex but complimentary flavors for the best ribs you have ever had!  This trifecta of rib taste is what happens in the competition world and where Rib Candy was born and perfected over hundreds of cook offs and competitions.   There are now many copy-cats and imitations but there is only one Rib Candy!

If you want to cook the best ribs you and your friends and family have ever had then finish your ribs off with any flavor of Rib Candy.  You will not be disappointed, we promise!  It’s the best rib sauce you will find.


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