Why give an ordinary, boring gift when you can give Texas Pepper Jelly as a gift?

Did your family draw names this year?  Were you planning to give your Uncle Fred socks?  Or a tie?  Why would you DO that when, for WAY less money, you could give Uncle Fred a Texas Pepper Jelly bundle?

He’d wear the socks and tie, sure, and he might even appreciate them.  But if you gave him Texas Pepper Jelly for Christmas, he would be so delighted he might even make you his heir!

Seriously, get out of your boring rut of giving the same old stuff every year; be different this year, and give something really unique, something really fun, something really delicious, and I could go on and on.  It’s easy to give socks, sure.  But do you really want to be THAT GUY?  Why not be the COOL GUY and give Texas Pepper Jelly!

Everybody would try to make sure you drew THEIR name next year.

Anybody can give the gift of socks.  It takes a really cool guy to give the gift of fun, celebration, out-of-the-box creativity, and yumminess.

Go for it!

There’s not a thing on that page that’s expensive, and you’ll get it before Christmas.

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