The Texas Pepper Jelly BIG BOSS wants to tell y’all about our fabulous salsas and grilling sauces!
Fellow pepper jelly fans,
Salsa is great for an appetizer or a condiment to spoon over your favorite food to give them more flavor.  Texas Pepper Jelly offers several salsas and grilling sauces.
Our Peach salsa is a refreshing break from the the typical hot salsas that we have grown used to.  If you’re looking for something really different, you should try our Raspberry Chipotle salsa.  It is robust without all the heat. Either one will give you a new flavor to add to your favorite food.
For the person who wants a little kick, try our Habanero salsa.  This one is full of flavor with that delightful habanero pepper taste.  Also, for something with a little kick, try our Texas Spicy Peach Grilling sauce.  It is great brushed on chicken or steaks.  Or do what I do: just pour it on tacos.  Mmm good. Texas Pepper Jelly sauces, salsas, and pepper jellies are delicious, HOWEVER you choose to use them!
No matter what flavor you try you will be hooked.  So order yours today, and don’t forget to share with your friends.
Until next time,
Craig Sharry