texaspepperjellytips Oh, who DOESN’T love holiday specialties? You know, those limited-edition products that are available only for a brief time and then they’re gone, gone until it’s holiday time again!

Texas Pepper Jelly has two fabulous holiday flavors, available for a very brief time: Cranberry TexasChristmasHabanero, and Strawberry Rhubarb pepper jellies. My advice to all of you is simple: order a lot, for yourself and for your friends, because both flavors are available for a very limited time, and a year is an awful long time to wait for such treats!

Therefore, stock up for yourself, and buy some for family and friends. This is both a generous, loving act, and a desperate act of self preservation, because these two holiday flavors are so yummy good, it’s vital that we share it, and also because if we don’t make a gift of a jar or two to our family and friends, they’ll swipe ours.

Yes, it’s THAT GOOD!

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