Thanksgiving is this Thursday, y’all, and if you’re the cook in your home, your head is no doubt swimming with ideas for The Dinner. Our minds are!

Before anyone ever starts in on the main meal, however, there are the crackers and dips to consider, and we’re not talking about your in-laws! Be nice; it’s a holiday!

We can’t mention this simple, delicious, easy pepper jelly and cream cheese dip enough. It’s just so absolutely wonderfully delicious and so absolutely wonderfully easy to make!

Just soften a brick of cream cheese or Neufchatel – most people can’t tell the difference, honestly – and pour a jar of your favorite Texas Pepper Jelly over it. Arrange crackers all around the tray and stand back, because your family and guests will go for it like piranha on a cow’s hind leg.

If you want to get all fancy, mix the pepper jelly with some barbecue sauce and pour THAT over your cream cheese. Holy cow, it’s so good I can’t stand it!

Or better yet, season the cream cheese with some of our brisket, chicken, or rib seasoning. Throw it on the smoker for an hour or so, then pour some of your favorite Rib Candy or Pepper Jelly over top! Oh my! Doesn’t get any better.

This snack is perfect for any day of the week, including special celebrations and parties!

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