texaspepperjellytips Thanksgiving is this Thursday, y’all, and if you’re the cook in your home, your head is no doubt swimming with ideas for The Dinner. I know mine is!

Before anyone ever starts in on the main meal, however, there are the crackers and dips to consider, and I’m not talking about your in-laws! Be nice; it’s a holiday!

I can’t mention this simple, delicious, easy pepper jelly and cream cheese dip enough. It’s just so absolutely wonderfully delicious and so absolutely wonderfully easy to make!

Just soften a brick of cream cheese or Neufchatel – I can’t tell the difference, honestly – and pour a jar of your favorite Texas Pepper Jelly over it. Arrange crackers all around the tray and stand back, because your family and guests will go for it like piranha on a cow’s hind leg.

You know, I bought an extra brick of Neufchatel today. Maybe I should open one of my few remaining jars of pepper jelly and try it out, you know, to make sure it’s okay, but more likely as not to make sure I get my fair share of yummy goodness.

In fact, the more I think about it, the better I like this idea. Nobody will ever know, for none of you will tell, will you. . . . .

If you want to get all fancy, mix the pepper jelly with some barbecue sauce and pour THAT over your cream cheese. Holy cow, it’s so good I can’t stand it!