Thanksgiving is over, and it’s official: the holiday season is now upon us!

Texas Pepper Jelly products are ideal for any occasion, whether you’re hosting a big family reunion, TexasChristmasa party, or just sitting around by yourself watching TV! Everyone who came to my house this Thanksgiving – and I hosted three separate family reunions here – raved about the appetizers I’d set out, all of them featuring Texas Pepper Jelly in some form or another. Actually, the favorite appetizer was the simplest: pour some pepper jelly over a block of cream cheese and dip crackers into it!

The reaction of my guests was so strongly positive that I’m giving them Texas Pepper Jelly for Christmas this year. Those gift tins are just too good to pass by!

Now, with most companies’ offerings of “assortments” of their product, the choice isn’t the customers’ choice. The selections of product are made in-house and the customer chooses the assortment that comes closest to his/her personal wants.

It’s not like that with Texas Pepper Jelly. On our gift page, we offer several nice assortments, but YOU get to pick what kind of pepper jelly or salsa you want in there.

Some people request one of each; that’s cool with us. Some people have a single favorite and request many of one kind; that’s cool with us, too. The point is, YOU are in charge of the kind of pepper jelly that comes in your gift assortment! That means, every single jar will be one you especially wanted!

Why not click on over to the Texas Pepper Jelly Gift Packages page and check them out. They’re not expensive, either!!!

Don’t forget our holiday flavors when you choose your assortments; a jar or two of Cranberry Habanero and/or Strawberry Rhubarb Habanero will make your assortment even more festive!

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