Every year, we set out a basket of assorted Texas Pepper Jellies on the Thanksgiving table. Not only is it really pretty to look at, but the family and guests also love to be able to pick and choose their favorite flavors, and try new flavors. Pepper jelly can go on anything any other kind of jelly goes on – bread, rolls, meat, and whatever you want to try some on. It’s great for vegetables, too.

Texas Pepper Jelly Habanero Jelly 4 pack in a bundle

Last week you read about using pepper jelly to baste your turkey. Now you’re being reminded that pepper jelly is delicious on almost everything else, as well.

Stir a teaspoon of pepper jelly into your hot tea – and do the same thing with hot coffee!

They work well in your favorite cocktails, too. Gives the beverage a nice little kick.

We always have platters of cream cheese covered with pepper jelly around the house, surrounded by all kinds of crackers.

In other words, you can use Texas Pepper Jelly in numerous ways. If you’ve got a new idea, please share it with us on our social media pages.

Thanksgiving is a week from Thursday. We’ll be posting more ideas, recipes, and suggestions for your holiday dinner on this blog within the next week and a half. Stay tuned~

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