Happy Thanksgiving from Texas Pepper Jelly

Two weeks – that’s all the time that’s left to plan for your Thanksgiving dinner! If your Texas Pepper Jelly order has arrived, and if it hasn’t, it will within the next few days, you’ve got the perfect turkey basting liquid.

I have basted my Thanksgiving turkeys with almost every flavor of Texas Pepper Jelly, and two flavors of Rib Candy. My family has loved every one of them. This year, I’m using Texas Pepper Jelly’s Apple Cranberry Rib Candy. We’ve loved it on everything so far, so we plan to find it delicious as our turkey baster this year.

I always bake our turkey in a baking bag, so the moisture stays right there with the turkey. Basting before putting the turkey in the oven ensures that the flavor of the baste melts into the meat and guarantees a super delicious main dish. I’m really looking forward to using Texas Pepper Jelly’s Apple Cranberry Rib Candy. To complement it, I’m stuffing the bird with cranberries and sliced apples, along with an onion. I’m also adding some finely chopped cranberries and apples, and a 1/4 cup of Apple Cranberry Rib Candy, to the dressing.

Check our blog here every day or so before Thanksgiving, because we’re posting all kinds of great tips, ideas, and recipes to enhance your Thanksgiving dinner.