Happy Thanksgiving from Texas Pepper Jelly It’s Thanksgiving Day, and we here at Texas Pepper Jelly hope that your holiday is a safe and happy one. We hope you all are breaking bread with family or friends, and that when the day is over, you are all enriched by the fellowship.

Let me also add that almost anything on your holiday table can be made even better by putting a little Texas Pepper Jelly on it, or in it, or around it. Dip things into the pepper jelly. Spread pepper jelly on things. Use pepper jelly instead of salad dressing, or regular jelly.

Texas Pepper Jellies are delicious on hot rolls or biscuits. Some pepper jelly in your pasta salad turns ordinary noodles into something festive. Mix a little pepper jelly into your Thanksgiving dressing, before baking, and you’ll have something almost too delicious to be real.

Why settle for plain coffee or tea at your Thanksgiving table? Stir some pepper jelly into your hot drinks and let it melt, and you’ve got a real treat.

Look around at your Thanksgiving table, in fact, and you’ll see many places a dab or two or pepper jelly would make a positive difference.

Make it easy on yourself and your guests; put some Texas Pepper Jelly on the table and let your guests use it however they wish. I can’t think of a single limitation for it!

Happy Thanksgiving from Texas Pepper Jelly.

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