I’m really excited about Texas Pepper Jelly’s newest product, Texas Rib Candy! And now I’m even MORE excited because Texas Rib Candy gives you more choices than ever: now you can get it with the fabulous peppers, or without!

Here’s a note from Texas Pepper Jelly’s awesome big boss, Craig Sharry:

“Here at Texas Pepper Jelly, we are always trying to think of something new for our customers. A couple of months ago we introduced our new Texas Rib Candy. The response was huge. Honestly, I knew it was good but I never imagined the type of success that we have seen already from this product.”

Our initial plan was to create a product that was not just good on ribs, but a product that was “great” on ribs. We also wanted to make a product that everyone would enjoy. So far it looks like we accomplished everything we set out to do. Except for one thing. How do reach customers who do not like hot and spicy items? The answer … NO Peppers!

That’s right, no peppers. Texas Rib Candy is now available in both regular Habanero flavors and No Pepper flavors as well. Nothing but the sweet. How about that? This stuff is absolutely amazing. It is fantastic as a meat glaze or an additive in bbq sauce, but now with no peppers, it is the perfect dessert topping. If you’re not into desserts, try it as a drink mixer. I mean come on, what doesn’t benefit from a little sweet spread around on it. You have got to try some of this today and find out what you have been missing.

PS … I almost forgot. Texas Rib Candy also comes in multiple fantastic flavors. Apple, Apple Cinnamon, Apple Cherry, and Mango. And you can get with or without peppers. Be sure to try one of each!

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