Grilling season is, indeed, winding down, and that’s all the more reason to break open the Texas Rib Candy – with or without the peppers – and feast on the best grilled pork, beef, chicken, veal. . . . heck, frog legs and ostrich cutlets. . . in the whole wide world.

Texas Rib Candy is – and I’m not exaggerating in the least – the best damn stuff to put on your meat that you will ever find. If you searched the planet all your life, you wouldn’t find anything that even compared to it. Rib Candy is well named. It’s honestly and truly Rib Candy. CANDY for your ribs. Or chicken. Or frog legs and ostrich cutlets.

Everyone who eats your grilled delights will agree.

Invite everyone you love over for a cookout. Do it soon. Summer’s winding down, and Rib Candy is too good not to share.

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