“We owe our big brains to cooking,” and grilling is one of the tastiest ways to prepare our food. Here at Texas Pepper Jelly, we are all passionate about grilling, and found the article at the bottom of this post intriguing!

There are all kinds of rumors and old wives’ tales about carcinogens in grilled meat, and while it is possible to create carcinogens if you char and overcook your meat, grilling done properly has no such dangers involved.

Have you ever wondered how different kinds of woods, charcoal, etc, affect the flavor of the meat? Do you know why meats change color when they’re heated?

We’ve all heard that all meats have dangerous bacteria in them and that unless we eat our meat “well done,” we could be in trouble. Is that really true? Do the bacteria live ON the meat, or IN the meat? Is it true that a hamburger is riskier than a steak, rack of ribs, or slab of tuna?

The answers to these and other questions, along with a ton of fascinating information, can be found in the following article: “Is Grilling Good for You or Bad Here is What Science Says”

Take notes. It’s awesome.

BonAppetit.com article – Is Grilling Good for You or Bad Here is What Science Says.

Remember, cooking is science. Lab science. Never forget that.

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