Texas Pepper Jelly has more than just pepper jelly, you know.  We also sell those fantastic Messermeister knives, and some accessories for those knives, as well.

The MagnaBloc Pro is made of solid beech or bamboo and has strong magnets inside.  It is an excellent and innovative way to store your good knives, and in fact, turns your knife storage into kitchen art!  It holds up to ten knives and is also an excellent way to keep your scissors and screw driver handy.

Most knife storage involves a block with slots for the knives.  There is really no way to keep the inside of those slots clean, which means, heaven only knows what’s on your knives!  The MagnaBloc Pro has no slots at all and can be thoroughly cleaned, which means it’s far more hygienic than other knife storage.  You can position your knives any way you wish, and the Pro can hold knives up to 9.5 inches long.

With your knives in plain sight, you can see at a glance which knife you need for the specific job you’re doing.

And, as with any sharp objects, be sure to keep all knives out of the reach of children.

Excuse me now; I can hear my Raspberry Habanero and peanut butter sandwich calling my name.

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