My kids were jonesing for a “different” kind of snack last night, and I immediately thought of my Texas Pepper Jelly.  My daughter Sara then thought of the big “loaf” of Velveeta cheese that she’d seen in the refridgerator earlier. (We’re seldom without Velveeta in this house.)  (Now that we’ve discovered Texas Pepper Jelly, we’re seldom without that now, either!)

Sara hacked off a few slices of cheese and melted them in a cereal bowl.  She then added the rest of MY jar of Pineapple Habanero Pepper Jelly, stirred it up (It did smell really, really good) and proceeded to crack open the package of snowflake-shaped Ritz crackers I’d been saving for my Thanksgiving pepper jelly appetizers.

Sigh.  It’s just not possible to hide food from my kids.  If it’s being saved for a special occasion, especially, they’ll find it and they will EAT it, too.

I don’t really mind.  Besides, if you had smelled that Pineapple Habanero and Velveeta cheese dip, you’d have been here beating on the door.  It was really far too good to waste on company.  I told my children they could have it all.  And they did.

So tonight, I’ll be ordering some more wonderful Texas Pepper Jelly!  It’s easy to do, and perfectly safe, too.  The Texas Pepper Jelly store uses buySafe, so you KNOW your credit card and identification information is GUARANTEED secure!

Everything about Texas Pepper Jelly makes my confidence in them grow.  And now, I need to get over there and order some stuff.  LOTS of stuff.