TPJ Is Ready To Fulfill Your Late Night Snack Needs

Hankering for a “different” kind of late-night snack? Your first thought should be of Texas Pepper Jelly. You could stop there and just add it to some toast

… OR …

Next, think of the big “loaf” of Velveeta cheese that you’d seen in the refrigerator earlier. Who doesn’t have Velveeta in their house? It’s kind of a staple. Just like Texas Pepper Jelly. 

Hack off a few slices of cheese and melt them in the microwave in a cereal bowl. Then add any flavor of our habanero pepper jellies. (We have plenty of options!) Stir it up and proceed to crack open the package of snowflake-shaped Ritz crackers you’ve been saving for the upcoming holiday appetizers.

You’ll have to go back to the store to get more crackers, but that’s okay once you eat this delicious snack. This snack is really far too good to waste on company. You should get the pleasure of eating this entire snack.

Since you may have used the last of your pepper jelly, just click above to order some more wonderful Texas Pepper Jelly! It’s easy to do.

If you don’t happen to have any jelly on hand, use Rib Candy™ or Bird Bath™ in place of it. You just need to use a little less of these options due to their consistency. But the flavor will still be VERY pleasing to your taste buds.

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