Texas Pepper Jelly, pepper jelly on the table If you look closely, you will see that among the salt, pepper, and other condiments on my Thanksgiving table, there are three bottles of Texas Pepper Jelly. The family, of course, was ecstatic to see those bottles, but I was also not a bit surprised that our guests were so happy to see pepper jelly on the table.

One guest in particular – Kevin – pointed out that Texas Pepper Jelly was his favorite pepper jelly, for many reasons, one being that Texas Pepper Jelly made seedless habanero jellies, such as apricot, cherry, peach, and apple. His diverticulitis made it difficult for him to find pepper jelly that he could eat, and Texas Pepper Jelly was his brand of choice, for he could devour (and he certainly did a lot of devouring!) as much of the seedless varieties as he wanted.

So, for your entire family and all of your friends – even those who can’t digest anything with seeds – Texas Pepper Jelly is the brand you want.

Christmas is only a few weeks away, so be thinking about ordering some of our gift packages for your gift-giving this season. Remember, you can choose any of our varieties of pepper jelly for your gift pack. In other words, YOU pick the flavor, not us. We’ll put your gift pack together according to YOUR preferences.

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